William Shakespeare ✓

William Shakespeare ✓

On April 26, 1564, William Shakespeare was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon. A village in Warwick County that did not surpass the two thousand inhabitants. Proud of them all of their church. His school and his bridge over the river. One of these was John Shakespeare. Trader in Lana. Butcher and tenant who became councillor. Treasurer and Mayor. of their union with Mary Arden. Miss of distinguished family. Five children were born. The third of which was named William. There is No record of the day of his birth, but traditionally his birthday is celebrated on April 23rd. Perhaps to find some design or doom on the date. Since death came to him. Fifty two years later. That same day.

Shakespeare’s father was not in his birth

William Shakespeare and his period of playwright

Shakespeare’s father. Who was at the height of his prosperity when William was born. He fell soon after in disgrace. When he was thirteen years old. His father’s fortune vanished and the young man was to be placed as a butcher’s clerk. Leaving the classrooms. He is also described as wandering indolently on the banks of the Avon. Emborronando verses. Given to the study of botanical trifles or rivaling the hardest drinkers. And then napping at the foot of the groves of Arden.

November 28th, 1582. When I was 18 years old. Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. of 26. Originally from Temple Grafton. Town near Stratford. Apparently he was in a hurry to arrange the wedding. Maybe because Anne was three months pregnant. After his marriage. There are hardly any marks of William Shakespeare in the historical records, until he makes his appearance on the London theatrical scene. May 26th, 1583. The eldest daughter of the couple. Susanna. She was baptized in Stratford. a son. Hamnet. and another daughter. Judith. Born twins. They were also baptized shortly thereafter. On February 2, 1585. Hamnet died at the age of eleven. And only their daughters reached adulthood. Judging by the playwright’s will. That he shows something scornful with Anne Hathaway. The marriage was not well avenido.

Was playwright some time

He kept writing verses. He was hypnotized to representations that comic companies of the league. They offered in the Stratford Guild Hall and did not lose their masks. Fireworks. Horseback riding and theatrical performances with which the Queen’s visits to Kenilworth Castle were celebrated. Abode of one of his favourites.

William Shakespeare and his period of playwright

Way to 1592 Shakespeare. He was already in London working as a playwright. And he was known enough. Then in a very short time he would become an actor, writer and finally. Co-owner of the theatrical company known as Lord Chamberlain’s Men. Who received his name. Like others of the time. Of his aristocratic patron. Lord Chamberlain. The company would reach such popularity that. After the death of Elizabeth I and the ascent to the throne of Jacob and Stuart. The new monarch would take it under his protection. Renamed the King’s Men.

Parallel to their theatrical success. He’s improved his economy. He became one of the shareholders of his theatre. He was able to economically help his father and even in 1596 he bought him a noble title. Whose shield appears in the monument to the poet built shortly after his death in the church of Stratford.

Shakespeare retired to his hometown in 1611. By the end of the century he was quite wealthy and bought or built a house in Stratford. He called New-Place.

Shakespeare died on April 23rd from 1616 to his fifty-two years. Shakespeare’s remains were buried in the Presbytery of the Holy Trinity Church of Stratford.

Shakespeare’s work

The publication, In 1593. Of his poem Venus and Adonis. Very well received in the literary atmosphere of London. It was one of his first successes. Its subsequent poetic production include The Rape of Lucrecia (1594) and the Sonnets (1609). of loving themes and that alone would place it among the greats of the Anglo-Saxon poetry.

With everything. It was his activity as a playwright that gave Shakespeare fame at the time. His work. In total fourteen comedies. Ten tragedies and ten historical dramas. It’s an exquisite compendium of feelings. The pain and ambitions of the human soul. After a few first attempts. In which the influence of Christopher Marlowe is transparent. Before 1600 appeared most of its “joyful comedies” and some of its dramas based on the history of England. It emphasizes especially the fantasy and the poetic sense of the comedies of this period. Like a summer night’s dream. The prodigious dominion of the author in the versification allowed him to distinguish the characters by the way of speaking. Amen to endow his language with an almost colloquial naturalness.

From 1600, Shakespeare publishes the great tragedies and the so-called “dark comedies“. The great themes are dealt with in the works of this period with the most ambitious accents. And yet the tragic always arises from the realist detail or the penetrating psychological treatment of the character. That induces the viewer to identify with him. Thus Hamlet reflects the inability to act upon the moral dilemma between vengeance and forgiveness. Othello, the gratuitous cruelty of jealousy; And Macbeth, the cruel temptation of power. Akin to this group despite its “Roman” theme is Antonio and Cleopatra. Portraying the unbridled passion between General Marco Antonio and the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

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