Santiago Posteguillo Gómez was born in Valencia in the year 1967.
He was PhD in English philology in his hometown. And he studied creative literature for a year in the United States. Broadening knowledge of linguistics in the United Kingdom.
A visit in his childhood to Rome incited his passion for the Italian city and its history. Especially the ancient Rome, the basis of his best-known novels.

In his youth he wrote his first writings. Poems, short stories and a couple of novels that stayed in unedited projects. Among his influences as an author are writers as diverse as Miguel de Cervantes. William Shakespeare, Robert Graves. Umberto Eco, Henryk Sienkiewicz. J. R. R. Tolkien or Jane Austen.


Santiago Posteguillo debuted as a novelist with the historical novel Africanus: The son of the Consul” (2006). The first Roman epic of the trilogy of General and political Publius Cornelius Scipio. With the conflict between Romans and Carthaginians led by Hannibal. This book was a sales success continued by “The Cursed Legions” (2008). With Scipio in Hispania and his election as consul. And “The Betrayal of Rome” (2009), with Scipio and Hannibal in the Battle of Magnesia.

In the year 2011 it published “The Assassins of the Emperor” (2011). First novel of a trilogy dedicated to the Spanish emperor Trajan. With their personal and political growth in times of Domitian. And “The Lost Legion“.
Santiago Posteguillo-I-Julia-Novelal margin of these series set in Ancient Rome. Santiago Posteguillo published essays on literature with curiosities about different authors. “The Blood of Books” (2014) and “The Seventh Circle of Hell” (2017).

Santiago Posteguillo

In the year 2014 he published the work “Trajan and Decebalus in the Romania of the 21st Century” (2014). A short book on a trip to Romania to trace the Roman Empire in the place.
The Valencian author won the Planeta 2018 Award with “Yo, Julia” (2018). Novel set in times of the Roman Emperor comfortable.
Apart from his role as a writer. Posteguillo is also a professor of literature at the Jaume I University in Castellón.

Some works

I, Julia – critique

Rome, Year 192 d. C. The Senate wants to end the tyrannical power of the comfortable emperor. Several rebel military governors threaten their power. Among them severe Septimius, married to Julia. The one she takes as a comfortable hostage. The struggle for power has just begun in Rome. Who suffers a terrible fire.

The portrait of Julia, introduced by the Doctor Galen. It falls sometimes into a certain anachronism debtor of the dominant stereotype. In the social context of the novel writing. And in a look of perfection as idealized as superficial. As well (superficial) is the treatment of the character of severe.

Santiago Posteguillo won the planet Award with the genre that has led to literary fame. The historical novel set in the time of ancient Rome.
In this extensive book, with a clearly debtor title from Robert Graves. It focuses its plot on the figure of Julia Domna, the influential woman of severe septimius. That was key in the politics and power of imperial Rome at the end of the second century. And the beginning of the third century.

The narrative is fluent, cinematic. Easy to read, alternating scenarios and situations with agility. Vividly narrating physical action. And the struggle of interests in topical scenarios of intrigue and ambition.

In spite of that. That it wastes enough characters that could contribute more to the plot. and repetitions on motives, it’s a well-written novel. Entertaining and informative of an important period well documented by the author.

Santiago Posteguillo

Circus Maximus

The Valencian writer Santiago Posteguillo. Specializing in fictional stories set in Ancient Rome. It publishes “Circus Maximus”. Novel about the time of the emperor Trajan with a plot where they fit Vestal. A trial with unfair accusations. Races of chariots, gladiators or criminal conspiracies.

The Lost Legion

The Lost Legion closes the trilogy of Santiago Posteguillo. Over the Roman Emperor Trajan after “The Assassins of the EmperandCircus Maximus“.
In this novel, Trajan is about to cross the Euphrates. To conquer the Orient in the face of the opposition of childbirth. His men doubt, as they fear to end as the Lost Legion. Military group led by Consul Crassus who 150 years before. In 53 A. C., prisoners of childbirth fell and no one knew what happened to them.

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