Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra ✓

Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra ✓

Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra is born one morning of 1547 in Alcalá de Henares. He was the son of Rodrigo de Cervantes and Leonor de Cortinas.

He probably resided in various towns in Spain. Having to accompany his father. Who wanted to improve his profession as a surgeon.

Towards 1551, Rodrigo de Cervantes moved with his family to Valladolid. For debts, he was in jail for several months and his assets were seized. In 1556 he went to Córdoba to collect his grandfather’s inheritance, and flee from the creditors.

There is No accurate data on Miguel de Cervantes ‘ first studies. Which, no doubt, became university. It seems that he could have studied in Valladolid, Córdoba or Sevilla. You may also study in the company of Jesus. Since in the novel The Colloquium of the Dogs elaborates a description of a college of Jesuits. That seems an allusion to his student life. Although little is known of his studies. However, it must be pointed out that in Madrid. He was a disciple of the grammar Professor Juan Lopez de Hoyos. Who in 1569 published a book about the sickness and death of Queen Isabella of Valois. The third wife of Philip II. López de Hoyos includes in this book two poems by Cervantes. Those are his first literary manifestations.

Literature by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Your departure from Spain

In 1569 he left Spain, because of some problem with justice. And he settled in Rome, where he joined the militia, in the company of Don Diego de Urbina. With which he participated in the Battle of Lepanto (1571). In this naval combat against the Turks it was wounded of a arcabuzazo in the left hand. That was ankylosed. When, after several years of garrison life in Sardinia, Lombardy. Naples and Sicily (where he acquired a great knowledge of Italian literature). He returned to Spain, the ship he was travelling in was approached by Turkish pirates (1575). Who captured him and sold him as a slave. With his brother Rodrigo, in Algiers. There he remained until, in 1580. An emissary of his family managed to pay the ransom demanded by his captors.

Literature by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

His return to Spain

Already in Spain, after eleven years of absence, he found his family in an even more painful situation. So he was dedicated to making commissions for the court for a few years. In 1584 he married Catalina Salazar de Palacios, and after remaking himself economically. He traveled to Madrid and began writing a pastoral novel La Galatea. Work that would be published in 1585.

De Cervantes and his new work

In 1587 he got a new job as commissioner of provisions in the Invincible Armada. And with the relationships he manages to settle in Sevilla working as a real supplier. Since, although it brought more than one problem with the peasants and an accusation of embezzlement. It allowed him to come into contact with the motley and picturesque world of the countryside. How well it would reflect in his masterpiece, Don Quijote. That began to gestate, according to the prologue to this work, when Cervantes ends up in prison. It is not known if that term meant that he began to write it while he was in jail or simply. That he came up with the idea there.

Don quijote

The success of this book was immediate and considerable, but it did not serve him to get out of misery. The following year the court moved back to Valladolid, and Cervantes with it. Don Quijote success allowed him to publish other works that he had already written. The moral tales of exemplary novels. The journey of the Parnassus and comedies and hors d’oeuvres.

In 1616, months before his death, he sent to the printing press the second volume of Don Quijote. With what was left complete the work that places him like one of the greatest writers of the history. And as the founder of the novel in the modern sense of the word. From a corrosive satire of the novels of chivalry. The book builds a tragicomic painting of life and explores the depths of the soul through the adventures of two archetypal and confounded characters. The enlightened Don Quijote and his prosaic squire Sancho Panza. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra dies on April 22, 1616.

Cervantes is considered one of the most exponents of Spanish literature. Author of the Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quijote of La Mancha. Fundamental work of the universal letters. This work was translated into practically all languages, has been published worldwide and has been adapted in many different formats. On many occasions, from movies to comic books. From TV series to theater or radio. Considered to be the first modern novel. Cervantes achieved with Don Quijote an immortal work capable of passing through the barrier of time.

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