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Homero ✓

Homero was a poet from ancient Greece who was born and lived in the 8th century BC. He is the author of two of the major works of antiquity. The epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Many historians and archaeologists. They have not come to the conclusion about whether Homer really existed or is a legendary character. For there is no concrete evidence of his existence. His works may have been written by other ancient authors or perhaps they are just compilations of oral traditions from the period of ancient Greece.

Homer’s life is a mixture of legend and reality. According to tradition. Homer was blind and could have been born in any locality of ancient Greece Izmir, Colofon, Athens, Quios, Rhodes, Argos, Ithaca or salami.

Although there are several of the lives of Homer who have come to us, their content, including the famous poet’s blindness, is legendary and romantic. The oldest, attributed without foundation to Herodotus, dates from the 5th century BC. On it. Homer is presented as the son of an orphan seduced named Creteidas, who gave birth in Smyrna. Known as Melesígenes. He soon stood out for his artistic qualities, starting a bohemian life. An illness left him blind, and since then it happened to be called Homer.


Mysteries about Homer’s death

There’s a lot of mystery about Homer’s death too. According to historical documents from the 5th century BC, he would have died on the Isle of Ios. Modern investigators say that there is no sure fact of the sources of antiquity that speak about Homer. According to modern historians. If it has existed, it is likely to have been born and lived in the Greek colonial zone of Asia minor. This conclusion is extracted from the linguistic characteristics of its works and the traditions approached that are typical of the Ionian region.


Some modern researchers also claim that from their works. It is little possible to conclude that Homer had much contact with the nobility of the time. The debate still persists about whether Homer was a real person or the name given to one or more oral poets who sang traditional epic works.

Some of his works were

These works were carried out in the Middle Ages

the Iliad

In the Iliad are narrated various events of the Trojan War. The Greek Achilles is angry with Agamemnon, the warlord of the Greeks who had gone to Troy to rescue Helena. The Trojans put the Greeks in trouble, so they patroclus. Friend of Achilles, goes out to fight and dies at the hands of the Trojan Hector.

Achilles returns to the battlefield to avenge his friend’s death. He kills Hector and refuses to return the corpse to the Trojans, the old king Priam pleads with Achilles and offers him a great loot to bury his son.

Achilles yields and allows the Trojans to take Hector’s body. Some interventions of the gods are frequent in the course of the events. Their societies and the characters that appear are of the Mycenaean period, four centuries before the time when Homer lived.

The Odyssey

In the Odyssey we are told The adventures of Odysseus. A clever and cunning hero who knows how to solve difficult situations with wit and one of the Greek heroes who went to Troy who planned to take the city with the great wooden horse. His return to his homeland, Ithaca, was not easy, he had numerous adventures in a long and difficult journey in which he lost his companions.
We also know the situation of the Palace of Ithaca, where his faithful wife Penelope awaits. A more advanced civilization appears with many fictional elements. The structure is more complex with three thematic areas: Odysseus ‘ adventures by unknown lands with clashes with monsters and witches.
Journey of his son Telemachus to ascertain the whereabouts of his father.
Odysseus ‘ struggle with Penelope’s suitors in Ithaca.

Trojan War

One of the most fascinating stories of all time pertaining to Greek mythology. It tells the war between Greeks and Trojans. It all started when Paris kidnapped the beautiful Elena. Wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. Under the orders of Agamemnon, the Greeks put siege to the city of Troy. For nine years the Greeks kept the site imposing dramatic and agonizing Troy on the situation.

The last part of the war gave rise to Homer’s Iliad. Among the Greeks appear Achilles, Odysseus and Nestor. The mythological gods are interested Ron by these events and divided their preferences: Hera, Poseidon and Athena by the Greeks. Aphrodite and Ares by the Trojans.

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