Paulo Coelho ✓

Paulo Coelho  ✓

Paulo Coelho was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) within a bourgeois family. His father was an engineer and his mother, of strong Catholic beliefs. Housewife.

He studied with the Jesuits and started the law degree. Abandoning his studies at the end of the years 60. To live immersed in the hippie culture of the moment. Touring different countries of the American and European continent.

In 1972, Coelho began his career as an author. That includes journalistic work, scripts for the small screen. Stage direction or composition of songs (especially for Raúl Seixas). Although his fame comes from his work as a novelist.

In 1974 he was imprisoned accused of subversion by the Brazilian government. She married the painter Cristina Oiticia. And with it it adopted in the years 80 the precepts of the religious order RAM (Rigor, Love and Mercy). Headquartered in the Netherlands. Marriage has no children.

He is a renowned architect of simple style best-sellers. Meant by a mystical inspiration that mixes spiritual reflection and autobiographical snippets.

Your starting point

His starting point for popular success was “El Peregrino de Compostela (Diary of a Magician)” (1987). Story about his experiences making the Camino de Santiago. The one who followed “The Alchemist” (1988), a book that launched his career internationally.

Coelho’s other titles of great commercial triumph are “the Valkyries” (1988). “Flange” (1990), “Maktub” (1994). “On the banks of the Stone River I sat and wept” (1994). “The Fifth Mountain” (1996). “Veronika Decides to Die” (1998). “The Demon and Miss Prym” (2000) or the Book of Tales “Be like the Flowing River” (2003).

Paulo Coelho

Brief review of his works

In “Eleven Minutes” (2003) Coelho focused the action on the experiences of Sex and Love starring Mary. A young Brazilian woman who prostitutes herself in the Swiss city of Geneva. The same year appeared “The Way of the Arch” (2003). Short book with an archer as a teacher of a child from his village.

In “The Zahir” (2005) narrates the search for his wife disappeared by a famous writer. Who abandons his placid existence to travel in different places with the intention of achieving his goal.

In “The Witch of Portobello” (2006) tells the story of a woman endowed with a gift of nature called Athena. And in “like the Flowing River” (2007). It shows us various philosophical considerations around life or nature. In the year 2008 published the self-help book “The Book of Manuals” (2008).

In “The Victor is Alone” (2009) It was the action at the Cannes film Festival. With center in the figure of a Russian tycoon in crisis of couple called Igor. The same year he published “Amor” (2009), a collection of quotations.

In “Aleph” (2010) He gathered different characters on a journey through the Siberian.

In “The manuscript found in Accra” (2012). Book based on a parchment found by Sir Walter Wilkinson. The Brazilian author takes us to the city of Jerusalem from the 11th century. With a center in a Greek scholar who imparts knowledge among the population of the place.

In “Adultery” (2012) he created a story of infidelity when a married woman was rediscovered with an old boyfriend. Two years later the book of short stories “Tales of Christmas” appeared (2014). Later he published “The Spy” (2016), novel biography of the Spy Mata-Hari.

In the year 2018, Paulo published the autobiographical novel “Hippie” (2018).

The Alchemist

“I don’t understand how they seek God at the seminary,” he thought as he looked at the Sun that was born. Whenever possible he was looking for a different way to travel. I’ve never been in that church before. Even though I’ve been there so many times. The world was great and inexhaustible. And if he let the sheep guide him just a little bit. I was going to end up discovering more interesting things. “The problem is that they don’t realize that new roads are being made every day.

Paulo Coelho

Written in the years 90 shortly after publishing his most famous work. “The Alchemist“, this short book entitled “Valkyries“. He makes us witness the experiences of Chris and Paulo in the Mojave desert. For forty days with the intention of meeting his angels.

The novel seeks the self-discovery of its protagonists in a spiritual-existential journey. That confronts them with their fears and desires. A personal transformation through magic contacts.

The text, which seems to have autobiographical features. It is very simple and redundant in a tone of philosophical-mystical gloating with a stony narration. It seeks to transcend emotionally and spiritually. But it is very cansino and flat in its superfluous mixture. Between contemplative tale of Oriental Court and the best-seller of self-help.

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